Zildjian FX Gong Sheet P0503

Zildjian FX Gong Sheet P0503

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Made from the Zildjian Non-Cast Alloy. 20" x 24" Gong Sheet can be hung from a regular Gong Stand or mounted on any boom stand. Perfect for Concert Band, Drum Corps or drum kit applications. Big Gong sound that won't break the bank. Produces a variety of sounds depending on where and how it is struck.

Hang from regular gong stand or mount on boom stand
Concert band, drum corps, or drum kit applications
A gong sound that's affordable
Produces a variety of sounds rich with nuance
Made from Zildjian's Non-Cast alloy

Gong stands sold separately.

Pictures are for reference only. Finish may vary. Please contact us with any questions prior to purchase. If you need something you don't see, contact us!

When applicable, pads and straps sold separately.